Building the Cafe World Bread Oven: Everything you need to know

Looking to add yet another new cooking appliance to your cafe in Cafe World? Zynga hopes that you are, as they have introduced the Bread Oven to the game today, complete with four themed recipes. This Bread Oven works as other appliances released recently, in that you'll be able to cook these exclusive dishes with only one click, and you won't have clean the oven after your meal has been prepared, regardless of whether or not you own a No Clean Fairy.

To see what you need to build this Bread Oven, come with us behind the break to get started.The base of the Bread Oven will be given to your for free upon your next login to the game. From there, you'll need to place the item into your cafe (don't worry, it only takes up a single square) and work on collecting the 30 items necessary to complete its construction. You'll need to gather 4 Loaf Pans, 8 Cooling Racks, 8 Bricks, and 10 Fire Wood.

Earning all of these items is as simple as clicking on the "Ask for More" button seen in the screenshot above, and then sending out individual gift requests to your friends to send you a single unit of that particular item. Luckily, you won't have to resort to posting general news posts that can easily be overlooked (even accidentally), so the construction really shouldn't take a high-level player (or simply a player with a lot of friends) that long to complete.

Once you finish building the Bread Oven, you'll have access to two new dishes immediately, and will be able to unlock two more dishes by completing the Bread Oven goals (guide coming sooncheck out our guide). The two instantly available recipes are the Sweet Dinner Rolls (a 10 minute dish) and the Banana Bread (a 30 minute dish). Make sure to start building your Bread Oven sooner, rather than later, as I've found that users are much more likely to help you with a project if they're working on it at the same time.

What do you think of the Cafe World Bread Oven? What kinds of recipes are you hoping to see added to the appliance in the future? Let us know in the comments.
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