Zynga Seattle to open just minutes from PopCap, Nintendo, Microsoft

Zynga knows where the game's at. KING5 news reports that Zynga is running recruitment phases for its studio in Seattle's Pioneer Square. The building is still under construction, but the video above gives a tiny glimpse of what a Zynga studio looks like. Considering how close the FarmVille creator now is to three of the biggest players in the industry, this could be the company's most strategic studio opening yet.

Zynga Seattle is just less than 10 minutes from PopCap Games of Bejeweled Blitz stardom and just a 25 minute drive from both Nintendo of America and Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Wash. According to KING5, Zynga plans to hire 50 more employees to fill this new studio, which reportedly is located in one of the shadier parts of the city. The company joins a number of game developers that comprise one third of the businesses in the area, so it's safe to say that the tech and games industries are booming there.

But what's more important is its proximity to these big league gaming companies. It's safe to say that at nearly $10 billion valuation, CEO Mark Pincus is ready to talk with Nintendo and Microsoft Xbox executives. While Zynga is doubtful of Xbox Live's ability to provide a home for FarmVille, there's always Windows Phone 7 and Nintendo 3DS. Not to mention that PopCap is about to go public--maybe the two could ... work something out?

What do you think of Zynga's next big expansion into arguably one of the origin points for Silicon Valley? How do you think Zynga will take advantage of its close proximity to some of the biggest names in gaming? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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