Lufthansa Pilot Nabbed with Deadly Slingshots

A random bag search at Frankfurt Airport in Germany turned up two deadly slingshots and ammunition in a Lufthansa pilot's luggage. The pilot had just flown in from Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old pilot was arrested at the airport and a criminal investigation has been launched, a Frankfurt customs official tells the German newspaper Bild.

The illegal weapons discovered in the pilot's possession included 286 steel ball bearings, which are used as ammunition. News sources report that an investigator said the pilot was trying to bring in "particularly hazardous items which are strictly prohibited under the (German) Arms Act."

The slingshot could "kill people 100 feet away," the investigator added.

A Lufthansa spokeswoman said the airline was helping the investigators with their inquiries. American authorities were outraged that the pilot had abused his position of trust, the newspaper said.

The pilot is potentially in breach of both weapons laws and air safety laws and faces up to three years in prison under German law.

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