FrontierVille Ponderosa Lodge Goals: Everything you need to know

frontierville ponderosa lodge

That old, warped cabin of yours is in desperate need of a makeover, no? Well, Zynga is going all Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on FrontierVille's default building with the new Ponderosa Lodge Goals. These missions either have yet to be released or are slowly rolling out to players, so details like specific rewards are scarce and this information is subject to change. With that disclaimer behind us, let's move into our southwestern lodge, shall we?
Ponderosa Lodge Goals

Ponderosa Lodge1. Wishes Come True

  • Purchase the Ponderosa Lodge
  • Tend 20 Oxen
  • Craft 4 Sawhorses

It's unknown how much the Lodge will cost exactly in the Market, but we're guessing in the range of 10 thousand plus coins--don't quote us on that one. Tending 20 Oxen will take quite some time if you only own one or two, but considering they cost 990 coins a piece you might be better off exercising some patience. The four Sawhorses are crafted in the Barn and will require 20 Planks and 8 Tools. Complete this Goal for 200 XP and a collectible item.

2. Gussy Up the Place

  • Harvest 15 White Roses
  • Collect 15 Elegant Paintings
  • Tend 12 Peach Trees

Elegant PaintingsHarvesting 15 White Roses will take 10 hours if all of them are planted at once, which shouldn't be difficult, for a total of 3 thousand coins. The 15 Elegant Paintings will likely be requested from the Goal's menu window for your friends to respond to. The 12 Peach Trees would take just three hours to ripen and harvest, but owning 12 Peach Trees would cost a hefty 12,720 coins to manage. Again, the waiting game continues. Finish this quest for an Oak Tree and 500 XP.

3. Packin' Up

  • Visit 15 Neighbors
  • Harvest 20 Cotton
  • Send 5 Neighbor wishlist items

The first requirement to this Goal is something you all should be familiar with, but it can be done while you wait for your Cotton to grow. That second requirement will cost you 12 thousand coins and take at least three days, so hang tight. But don't forget to send your friends some Wish List items. You can do this by clicking on a player portrait on your friends bar and clicking on one of the items that pops up. For completing this Goal, 750 XP and one Rivet are yours.

Box of Kittens4. A Man's Home is His Castle

  • Collect 10 Throne Plungers
  • Have 500 wood
  • Plant 20 Sunflowers

In this fourth and final Goal, the Throne Plungers will be requested from friends through the quest's menu window, while just having 500 Wood at the time shouldn't be difficult--go chop down some trees. Planting 20 Sunflowers will cost you 6,200 coins total and take at least 18 hours to harvest. Finally, this Goal will reward you with the Adobe Bricks needed to complete the Ponderosa Lodge, plus you'll get a Box of Kittens and 1,000 XP. As to why Zynga threw in a Box of Kittens as if they were a magazine subscription we have no idea, but at least they're are cute. Yay, I guess.

[Source and Image Credit: FrontierVille Info]

[Image Credit: FrontierV]

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