FrontierVille Critter Coddlin' Timed Goal: Everything you need to know

Critter Coddlin'!It's been a while since our days were consumed by Timed Goals, hasn't it? Well, a new one is about to drop in FrontierVille titled "Critter Coddlin'." Thankfully, this Goal is far more simple than the dreadfully unrealistic demands of the Canning Master Goals. However, it also happens to be what many call a "spam mission," which means that many of its requirements involve requesting friends' help. In fact, this could be the, um, spammiest Goal of them all:

  • Help an Injured Critter Twice
  • Collect 10 Wishes
  • Request 10 Critter Clothes

The Wishes and Critter Clothes are both items that you must request for from the Goal's menu window. But it gets even worse when you realize that you have to request friends to help a third time to provide you with the Critter Milk, Berries, or Fuzzy Blankets to restore the little buggers to good health. After all the spamming is through, you will be rewarded, though details on the prizes aren't available just yet. Either way, you might want to keep those injured animals hanging around for a bit longer.

[Source: FrontierVille Info]

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