CityVille: History decorations make learning fun in your town


A series of outdoor and history-related decorations have been added to CityVille today, with these items not only tying back into the set of Archeology goals also released in the game, but also being general purpose items that will make any outdoor area in your town that much nicer.

There is one new business here, in the form of the Extreme Sports Store. This business costs 33 City Cash to add to your town, and must be supplied with 130 Goods to stay in business. You'll then gain 780 coins each time you collect your profits. Meanwhile, a new community building is also available, with this being the Natural History Museum. While the T-Rex standing outside the museum might look fierce, the price of this building really isn't. You'll be able to add one to your town for 28,000 coins, and in the process add 800 citizen to your total maximum population.