CityVille Archaeology Goals: Everything you need to know

Zynga has launched a six-part mission series in CityVille this week, all dealing with Archaeology (or Archeology, if you prefer). Either way, these five missions will require you to complete a number of tasks, from simply having certain buildings in your town and collecting from them, to harvesting crops, asking your friends for items and so on. Remember, these goals are incredibly new, and as such are scheduled to change at any time. We'll make sure to update this page if we come across any differences.

The first goal is called Archeological Dig, and it has three fairly time-consuming requirements, depending on how many crop plots you have in your town.

Harvest 15 Carrots
Harvest 20 Pumpkins
Ask friends for 3 Shovels

The shovels are earned via a general wall post, asking them to help out. It's a "give one, get one" situation, so you shouldn't have any trouble. Meanwhile, your carrots will be ready to harvest after eight hours, and your pumpkins will be ready after 18 hours.After finishing that first quest, you'll move onto Artifacts of Life, which takes advantage of a building you've probably had in your city since the very beginning.

Have 1 Museum
Collect from a Museum 3 Times
Place 5 Decorations

Since you're not told exactly which decorations you have to buy, just buy three cheap trees or flowerbeds. These are not only easy on the wallet, but they're also small enough to not take up a lot of space (if you're like me, your city is probably bursting at the seams, so you need to save all the space you can).

The third quest is called Student Archeology, which returns you to the process of asking your friends for items, but this entire quest really shouldn't take you that long.

Ask friends for 5 Archeology Sets
Collect from Grade School 1 Time

Again, just ask your friends to send you the Archeology Sets, and you should be able to finish this quest without much time or effort being spent on your part.

Moving on, you'll next come to the Cabin Copy quest, which introduces us to a new building in the game - the Log Cabin.

Place Log Cabin
Collect from Log Cabin 1 Time
Collect from 40 Residences

The Log Cabin is a quest reward, received earlier in this mission line. It adds 120 population to your town, and can be collected from once every three days for 260 coins in profit for your virtual pocketbook. Hopefully, in the three days it takes for your Log Cabin to generate rent, you'll have been able to collect from your 40 residences, regardless of which kind of residences you happen to have in your town.

Moving right along, we come to the Past Learning quest, which takes us back to the Museum and the Grade School for two of our requirements.

Collect from Museum 1 Time
Collect from Grade Schools 2 Times
Have 2 Lab Coats

You should know how this works by now - simply collect from these two buildings by clicking on them. In the case of the Grade School, you should be able to collect from the same Grade School twice (just wait for the collect meter to rundown in between, as you normally would), rather than needing to have two different Grade Schools in your town, but then again, stranger things have happened.

Either way, after you finish Past Learning, you'll move onto the final goal for this mission series, called For the Children. This quest ends with you unlocking and building another new building in the game - the Discovery Center.

Ask friends for 10 Medical Books
Build the Discovery Center
Collect from Discovery Center 3 Times

The Discovery Center is unlocked through this quest line, and costs 20,000 coins to add to your town. You'll then gain a maximum of 550 more citizens to your town's total through this Community Building.

All things said and done, you'll also unlock a Land Surveyor item as you work your way through these quests. The Land Surveyor is a decorative item that adds a 2% bonus to the payout of surrounding buildings.

Once all is said and done, you'll have received three completely new items for your town, and will have moved one step closer to CityVille mastery. Whether or not you actually want to complete these goals, or have the energy to do so in a timely manner, will of course be up to you.

[Quests 2-6 Via CityVille Chat].

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What do you think of these new goals in CityVille? Will you complete them quickly, or are you still trying to finish other goals in the game? Let us know in the comments.
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