CityVille Archaeology Goals: Everything you need to know


Zynga has launched a six-part mission series in CityVille this week, all dealing with Archaeology (or Archeology, if you prefer). Either way, these five missions will require you to complete a number of tasks, from simply having certain buildings in your town and collecting from them, to harvesting crops, asking your friends for items and so on. Remember, these goals are incredibly new, and as such are scheduled to change at any time. We'll make sure to update this page if we come across any differences.

The first goal is called Archeological Dig, and it has three fairly time-consuming requirements, depending on how many crop plots you have in your town.

Harvest 15 Carrots
Harvest 20 Pumpkins
Ask friends for 3 Shovels

The shovels are earned via a general wall post, asking them to help out. It's a "give one, get one" situation, so you shouldn't have any trouble. Meanwhile, your carrots will be ready to harvest after eight hours, and your pumpkins will be ready after 18 hours.

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