10 Best "Tastes of" Cities Across America

Muy Yum/Flickr

Whenever you travel to a new city, trying to get a good sense of the food scene on a short trip can be a challenge. After all, there are only so many meals you can squeeze into a day. Plus, knowing where to go to find real local cuisine isn't always easy. One great way of discovering the food and drink scene that cities have to offer is to travel there during one of the many "Taste of" festivals around the country.

These festivals, generally held in warmer months, often bring together the best restaurants and chefs with a selection of the best local wineries or spirit distributors for a multi-day festival. From celebrating the unique food scene in great detail to events highlighting the general culture, community, and culinary talent of a city, these are a great way to see a city at its best.

The Bite of Oregon, for example, is a festival focused on food, wine, beer, and music that showcases the city's dedication to going green. Then, the Taste of Colorado has live entertainment and activities for kids on top of their food and restaurant focus.

One of this year's highlights is the Taste of Beverly Hills, one of the more successful "taste of"s in 2010. Though details are still being kept under wraps, the event, hosted by "Food & Wine" Magazine, is set for Labor Day Weekend. It will undoubtedly feature some of LA's top restaurants, chefs, and wineries in a "gastronomic paradise." 2010 saw exhibitors from Jose Andres' Bazaar to Kris Morningstar's Mercantile and from Mario Batali's Osteria Mozza to Wolfgang Puck's classic LA staple, Spago.

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