Transitioning from a Military to Civilian Career: Overview

Ultimate Guide to Making a Successful Career Transition from the Military

Deciding what to do after a military career can be challenging. It can be daunting to navigate the corporate employment maze, while translating military career accomplishments into achievements that will resonate with a private-sector hiring manager can be equally difficult. Here are some guides and inspiring stories to get you started.

Four Tips for Transitioning From Military Duty to a Civilian Job

Making a smooth transition from military to civilian life requires some introspection and planning. AOL Jobs recently spoke to Rachelle Chapman, senior manager for Specialty Recruitment Programs & Military Liaison for Adecco, who recommended these job search strategies for transitioning military.

Four Barriers Vets Can Face Moving Into Civilian Employment

Potential roadblocks that vets and others connected with the military might encounter during their job search and hiring process -- and some possible solutions.

Military Service to Civilian Workforce: Making A Successful Transition

Rob Byron and Matt Owens, both former military men, share their own transitioning experiences and provide advice and practical tips for job searching post military.

How Military Service Can Prepare You for a Successful Career

The military teaches more than just the technical skills that are necessary to get the job done. People who have served in the military often mention several other skills and work-related attitudes they learn that serve them well throughout their career.

Transferring Your Resume From Military to Civilian

Duncan Mathison, co-author of 'Unlock the Hidden Job Market: Six Steps to a Successful Job Search When Times Are Tough,' recalls working with an ex-Navy SEAL who was trying to land a civilian job.

Sample Resume: Military-to-Civilian Transition

When Sally transitioned from the military to civilian life, she needed a resume that focused on the skills she acquired in the military that would be most relevant to the private companies she was targeting. She turned to Janet Beckstrom, owner of Word Crafter.

Five Common Military Stereotypes Debunked

AOL Jobs spoke to executive career coach Don Orlando of The McLean Group to debunk the stereotypes and learn more about how today's transitioning military professionals can add value to the private sector.

How I Made My Military to Civilian Transition: Two Success Stories

Moving from a stint in the military back into civilian life can be a tough transition, but nevertheless it is one that everyone who has served eventually must make. Here are two inspiring stories of success that prove that, despite the changes and challenges, life does go on after service to one's country is completed.

Then and Now: Getting a Job After Military Life

The job I did get – one I loved – resulted from the exact same thing that can help you get a job today: a connection that makes you stand out.

Lessons on Transitioning Out of the Military

Ten years ago this April, I enlisted in the U.S. Army. During that time, I jumped out of airplanes, crawled, marched and ran thousands of miles, blew stuff up, met some of the most amazing people on Earth and served two tours in Iraq with the 82nd Airborne.

Why Businesses Should Hire More Veterans With Disabilities

Most people would agree that America's Veterans with disabilities -- those who have served and sacrificed for our freedoms -- clearly deserve a fair shot at what is at the heart of the American dream, a good job with a good company.

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