Toyota Prius parks in EA's Monopoly Millionaires for one year

Toyota Prius Monopoly Millionaires
Your next free gift in Monopoly Millionaires could be ... a new car! More specifically, a digital Toyota Prius thanks a 12-month partnership between Toyota, EA and the game's developer, Playfish. Both the ubiquitous green car and the Toyota Prius Eco-Greenhouse, re-imaginations of two original Monopoly pieces, will be available as free gifts in Monopoly Millionaires for the next year. Players can then use these items on their own game boards.

"Monoply and Toyota are two iconic brands and I'm delighted to help bring them together," said Joy Taylor, EA's Global Director of Marketing Solutions. "Toyota, and Prius in particular, has a huge, devoted following that will get genuine value out of this partnership. We're connecting one of the world's most loved cars, with one of the world's most loved games, on the world's largest social media platform. It's very exciting."

They sure got the huge following thing right. The Prius is arguably the most popular hybrid out there and has been featured in every TV show imaginable, including South Park with its scathing if lude wit. Well, enjoy being eco-conscious for the next 12 months. This promotion might not make players rush out to buy the $23 thousand car, but maybe it will remind you to turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth or turn off a light every once in a while.

Have you decorated your game board in eco-friendly items yet? What do you think of this in-game promotion lasting for 12 months? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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