Support for Military Families: Overview

Top Resources for Military Families

There are numerous resources available to military families that provide emotional support, financial guidance, and even discounts on products and services. As a military family are you taking advantages of all the help that is out there?

Military Foster Programs Watch Pets During Deployment

Finding a safe and loving place to leave a pet during service overseas can be a heart-wrenching experience for many members of America's armed forces. Fortunately, thousands of concerned civilians across the country are stepping up the help lighten the load for America's men and women in uniform.

Operation Shower Honors Military Moms-to-Be With Caring and Compassion

"Having a baby can be challenging, but can be an even greater [challenge] when your husband is deployed overseas by the U.S. military," says Courtney Faith Vera, a mom of two and deployment readiness group leader for the California Army National Guard in Lake Elsinore, Calif.

Homeless Women Veterans Need More Clinical Resources, Open Ears

"Our families are expecting the same person to come back home, but the ones who served know we never come back home the same. The individual is gone for good," she writes in her journal. "I didn't tell my family anything out of shame and the pity I felt for myself for what I've had to endure."

Wounded Warrior Project Helps Injured Vets

If you've been injured in military service, there's an amazing resource available to you that's so good it's been selected as one of the Best NonProfit Organizations to Work For in 2011. The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) placed first among all participating organizations.

Mental Health Care For Veterans And Their Families

In 2003, John Patrick Henry got a phone call from the Afghanistan and Pakistan border region that stopped him cold.

His son, Danny Facto, a married father of two and sergeant with the Army 10th Mountain Division was nearing the end of his second tour in Afghanistan. Now, he was filled with dread about returning to the U.S.

How to Find the Best Military Discounts

It's not hard to find companies that offer military discounts. In fact, retailers seem to be lining up to offer America's service members deals on everything from cars to garden supplies, jewelry to vacations. But with an endless array of opportunities -- and scammers waiting in the wings -- it can be hard to sort out the best bargains.

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