March Madness Facebook Game Showdown: And the winner is...

pet society winner facebook game showdown


In a battle that went down to the wire, the venerable 'granddaddy' of Facebook games, Pet Society has prevailed over the arcade mega hit Bejeweled Blitz. march madness facebook game showdown winnerWith over one hundred thousand votes cast, Pet Society prevailed over Bejeweled Blitz 55% to 44%. The voting got hot and heavy once we got down to the finals, especially as Playfish pulled out all the stops to urge its players to vote Pet Society. With kick backs, such as coins and cheese, Playfish would have made any ward heeler proud as they delivered the votes needed to push Pet Society over the top. PopCap can still hold its head high as Blitz held its own without trying to sway the outcome.

You can bet that next year, Zynga will be pushing its games to the top after they were embarrassed by a poor showing in this year's event.

Congratulations to March Madness Facebook Game Showdown 2011 winner: Pet Society by Playfish!

Was Bejeweled Blitz robbed? Did Pet Society deserve to win? Sound off in the comments. Add comment.
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