How You Can Help Military Families: Overview

Let's Be Heroes to Our Veterans

Ending war and bringing the troops home is thus the most immediate and best way we can "support our troops." And as they return, let's resolve to aid our troops, especially those who've been wounded by the cruelty of war, whether those cruelties were inflicted on them, or by them, or both.

Behind the Grassroots Effort to Make Military Families TIME's 2011 Person of the Year

You've probably seen it on Facebook, at the Daily Kos, on Wordpress, or in a newspaper: LIFT, or "Like it for TIME," the grassroots effort to get TIME magazine to consider the military family as its 2011 Person of the Year. The campaign began on Facebook; hence, the request to "like" it. And you might have thought, "What's so special about military families?"

Real Support for Military Families and Veterans

There's a lot happening which provides real support for military veterans and their families. Lots more needs to be done, but things are getting better. This is only a sampling, biased by efforts that I'm seriously involved with, or plan to become so. Hey, you can also help out.

Why Businesses Should Hire More Veterans With Disabilities

How can we work together to change this picture and to turn this grim statistic around? How can we bring the collective power of the public and private sectors together to improve the quality of paralyzed Veterans' lives while also improving business' bottom line?

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