Hardcore Facebook games could grow five-fold by 2013

FarmVille is hardcore?
While I would consider FarmVille as hardcore an experience as they come for dedication's sake, that's not what this study by Social Times Pro has in mind. All Facebook reports that the market for games like Kabam'sKingdom's of Camelot and Backyard Monsters by Casual Collective will increase five times in just the next two years. As of right now, the total hardcore social game player base is about 20 million--by 2013 that number could soar to 100 million. And according to Casual Collective CEO Will Harbin, making it happen is as easy as making games that hardcore gamers want to play.

"[We] just need to make games they're not embarrassed to play," Harbin said to All Facebook. "As quality of the content increases... we'll see a lot of growth in the male gaming market." Ah-ha, so that's who you're looking at? If this is the case across the board, you can probably expect more stereotypically violent social games in the future. And while Harbin admits that these types of games have player bases that are dwarfed by the likes of FarmVille and CityVille, he claims that the hardcore audience is more likely to spend than your average digital farmer.

Social Times Pro study
According to All Facebook, Casual Collective's Backyard Monsters raked $30 thousand more a day after the company announced and released weapon upgrade. He expects that by 2013, 30 percent of the top monthly Facebook game charts will be male dominated games. That is entirely possible due to the expected increases in daily players, which would boost monthly numbers by default. But what's more interesting is Harbin's estimation that Zynga will not enter the hardcore social game market. You better hope that you're right about that, Harbin, because Zynga has quite a few studios with hardcore backgrounds, probably just waiting to make Facebook's proverbial StarCraft.

[Image Credits: Denuology and Social Times Pro]

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