Great Source of Jobs for Vets and Families

Jobs for Vets The transition from a military to a civilian job is tough on the veterans themselves, but it can also be difficult for their spouses, dependents and caregivers. That's why the DirectEmployers Association, a non-profit consortium of over 600 leading U.S. employers, has set up an extensive online program to help them all find employment.

The program gives military personnel and their dependents access to more than 860,000 employment opportunities from over 90,000 employers nationwide. For example, at they'll match specific job opportunities with the qualifications, skills and talents veterans have developed in the military. The .jobs Universe also provides a military family feature designed to help military spouses, dependents and caregivers quickly locate employment while their loved ones are serving.

"This new effort to assist our veterans and their families... is free for both the employer and the job seeker and it is organized to fit the way people use the Internet to search for jobs and the way companies go about attracting specific skills and experience, said Tom Embrescia, Chairman & CEO Employ Media (.jobs). "With the extra steps taken to ensure that only legitimate job listings from real companies are included, veterans and their families can have confidence in using this service to submit their background information over the Internet."

"I salute all companies supporting these outstanding military programs," said Alicia Wallace, EEO Program Consultant for WellPoint and a military veteran whose husband is a retired infantry officer. "As a nation, we should do all we can for the gallant men and women who serve in our armed forces. These individuals and their families have made great sacrifices for our country and deserve all the gratitude and support we can provide."

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