FarmVille Sneak Peek: White Thoroughbred, White Thoroughbred Foal, Modern Hen


A trio of new unreleased animals will be coming to FarmVille in the near future, as this newest set of images has popped up on our radar alerting us to just that. The three animals are the White Thoroughbred, a White Thoroughbred Foal, and a Modern Hen.

To be clear, the White Thoroughbred is a different animal from the Thoroughbred Stallion that was released towards the end of March in the Mystery Game, so if you're a collector, determined to have every horse ever added to the game, you'll need to ready your Farm Cash for this one (as it will most likely be released in the store for 20+ Farm Cash). You'll then, of course, be able to spawn a White Thoroughbred Foal to share with friends by placing the adult in your Horse Stable.

As for the Modern Hen, your guess is as good as ours, in terms of when the animal will launch in the game and how it will be made available. We'll keep an eye on things though, and will be sure to let you know just when these three animals are released in the game, and how you can acquire them for your own farm(s).

Are you a FarmVille Horse collector? How many horses have you missed since the game started, or will you purchase any horse no matter how much it costs? Let us know in the comments.