CityVille: $5 Starter Pack offering energy, coins, City Cash, and more for limited time


With Zynga's CityVille losing 3 million players in the last month, it looks as though the developer is trying to bring some of those players back (or perhaps simply reward those that have stuck around) by offering a new value bundle of content that can be purchased for real world currency, all in one lump sum. The next time you log into the game, be on the lookout for a pop-up like the one above, showing you all that you're offered.

This Starter Pack contains 6,000 coins, 40 City Cash, 15 energy, and an exclusive Dog Park decoration, all for $5. For those that like saving money, you're told in big yellow numbers that this is a 55% off savings. Indeed - simply checking the "Add Coins & Cash" tab above the game shows us that 40 City Cash on its own normally costs $5, so if you'd like, you could think of getting everything else for free when making that purchase.

Zynga hasn't announced an exact date for how long this Starter Pack will be available, but even I (someone who has never spent real money in CityVille) can see the draw of taking advantage of this deal sooner, rather than later.

Will you purchase a Starter Pack for your city in CityVille, or do you have enough City Cash to last you a while yet? Let us know in the comments.