Cafe World Aloha Joe and Lisa Goals: Everything you need to know


The romantic saga of Espresso Joe and Lisa Latte, two characters in Cafe World, continues now as Zynga has released a new eight part mission series in the game that sees you preparing your cafe for an Hawaiian Party. Why? Well, it appears as though Joe and Lisa just returned from a great vacation to Hawaii, and they've brought you a gift. However, you won't receive said gift(s) until your cafe is ready to hold a properly themed party.

These goals are called "Aloha, Joe and Lisa," and they start with an incredibly simple set of three tasks [pictured]:

Own a Large Tiki Mask
Own a Surfboard Collection
Have 2 Leis

Both the Tiki Mask and the Surfboard Collection are decorative items, which are available to purchase from the store for 9,250 coins each. Meanwhile, you'll be able to send out individual gift requests for the two Leis. Note that these Leis work as a sort of "RSVP" for the "return from Hawaii" event, so you'll only be able to ask the same friend to send you additional Leis every 46 hours (weird number, I know, but unfortunately that's the way it is). Finishing this first goal gives you 100 Cafe Points and 100 coins as a reward.

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