Rumor: Xbox Live learns from Facebook, free-to-play games incoming

Microsoft may have taken another cue from Facebook. IGN reports that, according to a trusted source, free-to-play games could be coming to Xbox Live as soon as next year. As you already know, the free-to-play, or F2P, pricing model is generally left to Facebook games and MMOs. However, a number of developers including id Software and EA have experimented with the F2P model in the shooter genre. Of course, the free Xbox games would be supported by in-game purchases much like the FarmVilles and Bejeweled Blitzes of today.

It's already known that Dungeon Fighter Online, a F2P MMO for Windows released by Nexon last year, is in the works for Xbox Live. While a pricing model has yet to be announced, rumors like this flying around point to the same F2P distribution method. This and the recently leaked Microsoft video detailing future plans for Xbox all but confirm the rumor, though an official statement would be nice. And how do most F2P games, including social games, makes lots of money? By spreading the word through social channels, of course. If this truly is where Xbox Live is headed, social games could take over consoles. And Microsoft will usher them right in.

[Via Afterdawn]

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