Scam Alert: Twilight: Breaking Dawn Facebook game is fake

Twilight Breaking Dawn Scam
Believe it or not, FarmVille isn't the only franchise in town that's become the subject of scam artistry. The wildly popular Twilight series has its very own Facebook scam, Mashable reports. News Feed posts are circulating that promote a Facebook game surrounding Twilight: Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final book in the series whose feature film is set to release Nov. 18. (I know this information because my girlfriend is a fan ... I swear.)

Clicking the link offered on the post will force you to "Like" the post, thus spreading it. While this is bad enough, do not install the app under any circumstances: It's nothing more than a survey asking for personal information. Always avoid suspicious-looking links on Facebook and remember to tell your friends about this one before their love of all things R-Patz causes them to do stupid things like buy a cardboard cut-out of the guy fall victim to a scam.

[Source and Image Credit: Naked Security]

Have you seen this scam floating around your News Feed yet? What do you do to avoid Facebook scams or spread the word of them? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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