Redeem FrontierVille Game Card, receive free Easter Mystery Crate


Just as FarmVille is giving away free Spring Mystery Boxes to users who purchase Game Cards from now until April 24, so too is FrontierVille offering users a prize for doing the same (although you have less time to do so). From now until April 20, simply redeem a Zynga Game Card in FrontierVille, and you'll receive a free Easter Mystery Crate, which can contain one of the following items, or a large Easter Egg (the full contents are as-of-now unknown, but we'll make sure to update you):

Yellow Mallow Chick
Pink Mallow Chick
Green Mallow Chick
Bunny Ears Blonde
Bunny Ears Brown

To be clear, these "Mallow Chicks" are the game's representation of the "Peeps" Easter candy, although they of course couldn't use the name. The bunny ears, then, are avatar clothing items for your family to wear proudly around the Homestead. There's no word right now as to whether or not these crates will be available to purchase from the store, so if you've been saving up a Game Card for a good promotion, this is likely the best promotion you'll see for some time - (for now) exclusive items that you'll be proud to show off on your land.

Have you received an item that isn't on our list? Make sure to let us know which items you receive from this promotion! Are you happy with your prize(s)? Let us know in the comments.