'Million Dollar Listing' Feud Doesn't Extend to Business

josh flagg josh altman
josh flagg josh altman

In one of the climactic closing scenes on Bravo's hit series, Million Dollar Listing,real estate agent Josh Altman , pictured in suit, accuses costar Josh Flagg, pictured far left, of squealing to Altman's girlfriend's boss that she was out job hunting. (Fellow MDL costar Madison Hildebrand is pictured in the middle). What ensued was a cuss-off worthy of Tommy Lasorda, with enough words bleeped out to make you think your TV's satellite dish had fallen off the roof.

Surely these two must revile one another, right?

Then along comes a listing in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., an exclusive suburb of San Diego, and lo and behold the two Joshes are co-listing it like bosom buddies. Just like we learned in The Godfather, it's not personal, it's just business.

Truth is, while the two Joshes' paths don't really cross that often -- professionally or personally -- Flagg says he got the listing and invited Altman to co-list it. "He has a lot of the right connections and clientele for this listing and I thought it would be good for my client," said Flagg, "so I called him."