FrontierVille Tips & Tricks: Quickly finish the Bear Collection for Animal Ready Boosts

Don't you just hate receiving quests in FrontierVille that ask you to sell 50 Sheep, or sell 25 Oxen, only to have just finished a quest that required you to sell them all already? Now you're stuck purchasing and growing animals all over again, in what is undeniably a time consuming process (or an expensive one, if you choose to buy Boosts). Your pain can be lessened a bit, however, by simply completing the Bear Collection.

The Bear Collection gives you a free Animal Ready Boost when you turn it in, causing all of the animals on your Homestead to instantly become "ready" to be fed. But I know what you're thinking - "The Bear Collection is way too hard to complete! I never have enough trees around, and Bears never come out on my land!" While I unfortunately can't help you bring out more Bears on your land (other than suggesting to let your trees grow to maturity before you ever chop them), I can help you complete that Bear Collection all the same.

Meet us behind the break for a set of tips on how to complete the Bear Collection (believe me, it's a trick you may not know about), and earn those free Animal Ready Boosts for your land!