FarmVille Tips & Tricks: Grow Royal Hops on your Home Farm


Less than a week ago, Zynga released the Royal Hops crop to FarmVille'sEnglish Countryside. The crop was, in theory, supposed to be locked to only being grown on the English Countryside, and only then after you've mastered at least the first star of the original Hops crop first (one crop that is officially locked to your second farm in England). Even looking at the crop in the game's store confirms this, as it has the English Countryside seal, indicating its "exclusivity."

Let's say, though, that you really want to grow some Royal Hops on your Home Farm. How would such a thing be possible? It's simple, really, as it seems that Zynga has overlooked the "locked" status of the crop on your Home Farm. We're not sure if this was intentional, is some kind of bug or glitch, or was just an oversight, but I can personally confirm from my own game [pictured above - note the "Home Farm" in the corner] that you can grow Royal Hops on your Home Farm, without a license, by simply going into the game and purchasing it as a normal crop.

To further confirm - this isn't an issue brought about by having specific bushels active, as I had a White Rose bushel activated on my Home Farm when I planted the Royal Hops, and I highly doubt the two are connected. If you'd like to grow both crops at once (say, growing Hops on your second farm and Royal Hops on your Home Farm) this is definitely your chance.

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Have you been able to grow other English Countryside-specific crops back on your Home Farm, while doing nothing to instigate this? Let us know in the comments.