FarmVille Mystery Game (04/10/11): Yellow and Green decorations up for grabs

This week's FarmVille Mystery Game takes on a new theme, leaving the English Countryside theme (mostly) behind. This week's theme is simply "yellow and green," with six new items available to win. A single dart in this week's game has gone back down to the regular price point of 16 Farm Cash.

For that price, here's what you have a chance of winning:

Amazon Parrot (decorative animal)
Cob Cottage
Leapfrog Well
Lily Pad Bridge
Lounge Swing
Tulip Fountain

Personally, I love fountains, so seeing this Tulip Fountain definitely makes me want to throw a few darts at the board. If you're like me, we'll both have just a week to throw as many darts as we want at this week's game, as it looks like next Sunday will mark yet another change in the game, seeing six new items being released as prizes. As always, we'll let you know what those items end up being when the time comes.

In the meantime, let us know which of these six items you win in the comments. Did you receive the item you were hoping for, or do you feel like you wasted Farm Cash this week?