FarmVille Frito Lay Promotion: Help out to receive Frito-Lay Stand, double mastery, & more


A new cross-promotional activity launched in FarmVille this evening, with Zynga partnering with Frito Lay to give away two new items to players on a new Frito Lay farm. You can visit this farm by clicking on the Frido Lay logo, which can be found as the first "neighbor" in your friends' bar. You'll see a completely themed farm, and will be asked to help "harvest and package farm fresh ingredients" that go into bags of Lays, Tostitos, and Sun Chips brand snacks.

Through a simple pop-up window, you'll be able to "Help Out," and will see the freshly harvested crops being driven, literally, to the store on the farm by an animated van. This process takes a few seconds, so be patient if you don't see the second pop-up window appear immediately. From there, you'll need to click on the new window that appears [pictured] to head to the Frito Lay fan page to see your exclusive prizes. This seems to be a technicality, as the fan page loads in a new window, and the above pop-up disappears in your game. Simply look inside your Gift Box after this point, and you'll see your two prizes: a Frito-Lay Stand, and a Frito-Lay Truck, two new decorations for your farm (one of which comes with a very special surprise).

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