Breath of Fresh Airline, Virgin America's Newest Campaign (VIDEOS)

Virgin America has been known to rely on strange methods of publicity. But these new videos, promoting the airline's seatback food ordering system, Wi-Fi and satellite TV, are some of the most bizarre to be seen in quite some time.

The videos, part of the "Breath of Fresh Airline" campaign, are meant to show that Virgin America is a young, hip and desirable airline, as if consumer didn't know that already.

The public can vote on the videos at and can post arguments as to why certain videos should win out over others to be shown on Red, the airline's seatback entertainment console (which also allows shopping).

The airline will give away a roundtrip flight to the most original consumer comment (clickhere for more info).

To promote seatback food ordering:

To promote the live TV and music options on board:
To promote the fleet's mood-lighting:

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