FarmVille English Countryside Sneak Peek: English Manor, Cob Cottage & More

If you're still not quite satisfied with your new village of buildings in FarmVille'sEnglish Countryside, you'll be happy to know that at least three new buildings will be launching in the game in the future - perhaps even as early as tomorrow night! These three buildings are the Stone Clock Tower (which looks to be quite tall), the Cob Cottage, and the English Manor.

From the looks of these small icons, it appears as though the English Manor will be an absolutely massive building, perhaps even as big as items like the Forbidden City, unless its icon is simply incredibly deceiving. We'll make sure to keep an eye on the store and let you know what happens to be the case if these items are released there. They could also be Mystery Game items (rumor has it at least the Cob Cottage will be in the Mystery Game), so save up some Farm Cash if you want to ensure you have these buildings on your farm(s).

Which of these three buildings would you most like to add to your virtual English Countryside? Have you created a tiny town on your farm, or are you sticking to the decorative items only, rather than expensive buildings? Sound off in the comments.