CityVille: New beach decorations allow you some fun in the sun

CityVille has officially launched into Spring this week, as Zynga has turned off the snow for every user in the game, whether they wanted to have snow on their land forever or not. If you didn't manually change your town back to green grass, you'll see that it has been done for you, and your citizens have also been returned to their lightweight, outdoor clothing, rather than heavy coats and hats.

To celebrate the warmer weather, and the new Cruise Ships in the game, Zynga has released a series of beach/summer-themed decorations and buildings to the game. There is a single Business here in the form of a Tourist Shop, that costs 17,500 coins. You'll need to supply it with 100 Goods, and will be able to claim 550 coins each time it runs out (by default).
As for the other items, you have two new homes to choose from. A Timeshare Tower costs 30,000 coins. You'll gain 140 population from the building, which offers you 230 coins in rent every 24 hours. Meanwhile, the Beachfront Condo costs 500,000 coins, offers you 240 population, and gives off 325 coins in rent every 18 hours.

There are four new decorations that round out this release (at least in terms of the beach items). They are as follows:

Outdoor Gym: 25 City Cash - offers 32% bonus
Mangrove Tree: 100 coins - offers 1% bonus
Seagrape Tree: 400 coins - offers 4% bonus
Coastline Lookout: 10,000 coins - offers 8% bonus

Finally, a new community building has been added to the game, although this is entirely separate from the beach-bunny lifestyle. It's the Ranger Station, and it costs 10,000 coins to build. It allows for 330 extra citizens to live in your town, but you must be at least level 16 in order to build it.

All of these items can be found under the "New" tab in the game's build menu. None of them have expiration dates, or time limits in the store, so you might have the entire season to build them. In case you don't, however, make sure to check out these items while you know they will be available to build in your city.

[Image Credit: Zynga]

Are you ready for the warm weather in CityVille, or do you wish that turning off snow would have been an option? Let us know in the comments.
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