CityVille: Franchises now allow for refunds and canceling requests

As part of Zynga's continued effort to make Franchises a better, and more enjoyable part of CityVille's gameplay, they have implemented two new changes to the overall Franchise system in the game. These changes will allow you to receive a refund if a friend decides not to build your Franchise in their town, and give you the ability to cancel a franchise request before it has been accepted.

For the refunds, you'll simply receive a refund of the price it cost you to place your Franchise in a neighbors' town should they click on the "Decline" button when seeing your request. This means that you should feel better about spending thousands of coins in friends' towns, as you'll no longer be out those coins whether they accept the Franchise or not.

As for the cancellation process, you'll need to head to the neighbors' town in which you made the request. Click on the "Pending Franchise" icon in the top left corner of the screen, and then click "Yes" on the window that asks you if you'd like to cancel your request to build that particular Franchise in their town. Not only will you receive your coins back for this transaction (as a refund), but you'll also potentially be able to free up an entire Franchise space in your town, should you choose to Franchise another kind of business instead.

While these changes are nice, they still don't take into account users that have stopped playing the game entirely, and until we have the ability to remove Franchise's from active neighbors' towns, I doubt anyone will really be satisfied.

What do you think of these new changes to Franchises? Do these changes finally address all of your concerns about Franchises, or do you think Zynga needs to add the ability to remove Franchises from neighbors' towns remotely? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.