Zynga hires former Cisco SVP Debra Chrapaty as new CIO

Debra Chrapaty
Debra Chrapaty

Zynga, we think it's time for an intervention. You just boughthired Taylor Barada yesterday and now Debra Chrapaty as your new chief information officer? Not to mention the 11 companies and who knows how many people over the past year. You've got a fever, and the only cure for it is, buying more people stuff.

Inside Social Games reports that the former Cisco SVP of Collaboration Software is taking on a brand new position within Zynga. Boy, that's surprising, considering you run games with upwards 20 million players at once. Chrapaty will answer directly to Zynga chief technology officer Cadir Lee, which was mentioned in this statement provided by the new CIO:

"Through its focus on leading technology, Zynga is redefining how we look at play. My job will be to make it easier for our employees to design and build for play. I am looking forward to tackling Zynga's unique technology challenges and helping develop infrastructure systems to ensure that we have the most scalable, secure, and reliable systems in place." And considering the amount of crashes, slow downs and other bugs we face daily in FarmVille, we could all use a little more reliability. But forget the servers for now: How about we start with this whole Flash bit. What's the deal, guys?

[Image Credit: GigaOM]

Why do you think Zynga would need to create a new position just for Chrapaty? How do you think she will affect Zynga's infrastructure in the long run? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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