Save Your Job and Your Company -- on TV!

save your company The Sundance Channel is looking for small companies on the brink that have been hit hard by the recession. If yours is one of the lucky six selected, you will be teamed with a proven business turnaround expert on you own episode, with the goal being to save jobs and keeping another American business afloat.

The show is not designed for failure -- the expert set to help you is a "titan of finance" who manages a $7 billion fund and has a remarkable track record for identifying undervalued companies and reinvigorating them to growth and unprecedented profitability. With an ivy-league MBA complemented by a straight-shooting, practical approach, this celebrated authority has successfully revived 150 companies.

Ideally, yours would be an established, mid-sized enterprise (with approximately 30 to 200 employees) that is interested in strategic support to help you innovate, expand, and thrive in these difficult economic times. Special consideration will be given to inspirational stories.

If this sounds like the company you work for, run, don't walk, to your boss with the news, because the deadline is coming up fast. Completed applications are due by May 6, with early applications strongly encouraged. The vetting and selection process may continue through June 1. There will be approximately seven days of shooting, over a three-month period, for each company.

Why not give it a shot? Just think how great would feel to save your own job, the jobs of your co-workers, maybe even your entire company? Find out more details and apply online at American Business Show.

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