Playdom's Gardens of Time launches on Facebook

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If there's one game genre that has clearly been missing from Facebook -- it's the ever popular hidden object game. But that's not going to last for long -- earlier this week, we saw the release of Mystery Manor from Game Insight and, today, Playdom has released its hidden object game, Gardens of Time (Check out our preview from early March).
gardens of time playdom facebook
For the uninitiated, hidden object games, aka HOGs, are puzzle games where you find items hidden in different scenes, similar to the game I Spy that you may have played as a child. Most of these puzzlers involve some kind of storyline and generally contain high-end graphics and a lush soundtrack -- all characteristics specifically designed to appeal to their largely female audience. Some of the better known hidden object games are the Mystery Case Files series from Big Fish Games, which are available for download for a price.

Playdom's Gardens of Time, like most other games on Facebook, is a freemium game, which means it's free to play and then you can spend cash if you so desire. We're just warming up our browsers to try this brand new game -- and in the first few minutes, Gardens of Time seems to be hitting all of the right notes. We've seen characters, a storyline, great looking puzzles and a garden that you can decorate with artifacts related to various puzzles you've completed. We'll be back with a full review soon -- in the meantime, check out the game for yourself by following the link below.

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Gardens of Time on Facebook
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Playdom's Gardens of Time launches on Facebook

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