Nomading Film Festival (NoFF): Submit Your Travel Videos, Win A Trip

Brooklyn's very own travel film festival, the Nomading Film Festival (NoFF), is set to kick off June 18, 2011. NoFF is a first time festival effort put together by passionate (obsessive?) travelers and film makers Bassam Tarazi and Josh Wolf, who hope to shine a light on what makes travel so special and how the simple act of taking a trip can change lives.

Anyone around the world can submit videos no longer than 15 minutes long for submission to the Festival.

Everybody can shoot

Young and old, family man or singles on the run, everybody is a traveler and everybody can submit. All skill levels of filmmaker are encouraged, so don't get down if you think you don't have the "right stuff". You're sharing your experience, that's what matters.

Video editing isn't as tough as you might think, and remember that yes, your camera probably DOES have a video function. Most computers come equipped with video editing software like Windows Live Movie Maker for PC and iMovie for Mac. Both very user-friendly programs offering a great start to video editing.

Submissions are open until midnight on April 30, 2011 (Submit here). It costs $10 to submit your travel video, and the grand prize is a trip for two to India with Intrepid Travel.

Winners will be chosen in the following categories:

The trip I wish I was on
The trip I'm glad I wasn't on
The nomad(s) I want to travel with
The most enlightening trip
The trip that makes you want to travel the most

For updates and more info, you can also check out NoFF on Facebook and Twitter.

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