Government Shutdown: Foreign Embassies Open, But No Passports Issued

Government Shutdown


Despite the looming government shutdown, American citizens abroad will still have access to United States embassies for emergency aid.

The United States Department of State will still be there for citizens in case of life-or-death medical emergencies, humanitarian cases involving children, arrest or returning abducted children.

But those needing a new passport will have to wait until after the shutdown. That means this Saturday's planned Passport Day will be a no go.

Domestically the department will continue to issue travel advisories and process emergency passport requests and requests for expedited passports that had already been filed.

According to State department guidelines, "closing down or significantly scaling back operations abroad could immediately diminish our influence and damage our relations with the host governments," CNN reported.

For complete information on the State Department's Guidance in the Absence of Appropriations, visit its website.

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