FrontierVille News Stand: Everything you need to know

Are you ready to make headlines on your FrontierVille Homestead? Did you take one look at the News Stand Collection and think "That's a building I simply must have on my land?"If so, this guide is for you, as we have all of the information you need to know about adding a News Stand to your Homestead, and how to use its many new features after its been built. For starters, know that this building is on a slow roll-out to users, so if you don't have the building in your game already, simply wait some time and it will show up.

Once the update has rolled around to your game, you'll be able to purchase the News Stand from the store for 1000 coins and 20 Wood. You'll then to whack the frame ten times, with each whack costing 10 additional Wood. That's 100 extra Wood, so if you're feeling a bit light on the brown stuff at the moment, simply visit a few friends and chop down some trees (how convenient, you need to do that for the News Stand goals anyway!), and you'll be good to go in no time flat.