FrontierVille: Make headlines with two News Stand Badges


What better way to ensure that users are excited about a new FrontierVille feature than to release a set of Badges along with it? Zynga seems to understand that perfectly, as they have done just that - releasing two new Badges that coincide with the game's newest building - the News Stand.

These two Badges reward you for taking advantage of the News Stand's two new functions - posting Classifieds (also referred to as Newspapers or Daily Editions), and responding to Classifieds. Of course, as it is much easier to post something in your own game than it is to find users that have done the same and then help them out (which is made incredibly difficult if you have few friends actually taking advantage of the feature), the Publishing Badge requires much more from you than the Response Badge.

Either way, we have all four levels to both of these Badges detailed for you behind the break, so won't you meet us there?