FarmVille Official Podcast (04/08/2011): More quests coming to English Countryside; changes coming to Pig Pen


In this week's edition of the Official FarmVille Podcast, FarmVille Community Manager Lexilicious gave us a bit of information concerning the Sheep Breeding limit on both of your farms, which limits you to having 100 bred sheep across both farms, including any that you might have in your Sheep Pen or in your Gift Box. Apparently, there are technical limitations to having more than 100 bred sheep in a single game, but Lexi says that the team is looking into possibly raising that limit to allow for more.

In terms of coming features, we've been told that more quests will be coming to the English Countryside in the coming weeks, and that a few changes will be made to the overall user experience of the game. Notably, the new user experience will be changed, and there will be a new "building parts cursor mode" added to the game that will make using our building parts from our Gift Boxes much easier than before. Hopefully, that means we won't have to click "one at a time" from our Gift Box like we do now.

Finally, we've been given a confirmation that the new Spring Flowers that are available as free gifts will be able to be placed in the Spring Basket and can then be redeemed for new prizes. We've also learned that some "revisions" will be coming to the Pig Pen in the future as well. Unfortunately, no other details about these Pig Pen changes were made known, but we'll make sure to stay on top of that and give you more information as it becomes available. As usual, you can check out the entire podcast, which offers a bit of a recap at recent releases, at the top of this post.

What do you think of the announcements made in this edition of the FarmVille podcast? Do you wish you could breed more then 100 sheep on your land, or are you more interested to the changes coming to the Pig Pen? Let us know in the comments.