One in nine Facebook users play music games; Guitar Hero finds a new home?

MXP4 Pump ItHas Guitar Hero found a new home on Facebook? According to data presented by MXP4, a social game developer based in Paris, it very well could be in the future. Of course, keep in mind that the survey was conducted by folks who have a vested interest in music games on Facebook. MXP4 found that one in nine Facebook users play music games, but more importantly that one in three Facebookers play social games. This is the exact demographic that MPX4 hit with its Pump It series in 2010, and has enjoyed mild success.

Here's what else MXP4 found in its survey:

  • 96 percent would like more opportunities to compete against their friends when playing Facebook games;
  • 49 percent said the they would play games on Facebook for the chance to win exclusive tickets, merchandise or opportunities to meet their favorite artists;
  • 12 percent would pay extra to have access to their favorite artist's latest tarcks on interactive music games.

While it's important to know that most people would want a multiplayer experience on Facebook, it's far more vital to see the possibilities for future Facebook music games.

If this many Facebook users played music games, that's more than enough of a following for companies like Activision and EA to go after. Just think of it, one last triumphant push from the music games genre to reassert is relevance. It's almost cinematic, really. If you think about it, games from these companies would last about as long as their ancestors. And that amounts to about enough money to fly to Mars and back, so, sweet deal.

[Via All Facebook]

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