Qantas Finds Politician's Lost Guitar

guitar politician qantas


Australian politician Tony Burke likes to play guitar. So when his musical instrument was lost in transit by Qantas Airways, he went beyond filling out lost luggage forms. He took to Twitter to try to quickly get his guitar back.

And he succeeded.

Burke, Australia's Federal Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, told Australian news outlets he wasn't looking to make his ordeal public. The Labor Party member said he just wanted his guitar back – the Cole Clark "Angel" guitar is made of sustainable wood, he noted.

So after the guitar didn't emerge at an airport luggage turnstile after a flight from Melbourne to Sydney, Australia, Burke tweeted, "Please QANTAS. Please find my guitar."

According to the news outlets, "the twitterverse swung into action." Someone created a hashtag and a full-scale effort at "#Findtonysguitar" got underway.

Qantas quickly located the missing instrument, tweeting "@Tony_Burke we've found your guitar and will get it to you asap. Rock on!"

"The angel is flying home," Burke told followers.

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