Zynga acquires former Yahoo acquisitions head for unknown role

Taylor Barada
Taylor Barada

Zynga is not only buyout-crazy for whole studios, it's gone cuckoo for people now too. No one is safe. Well, if making a metric ton of money isn't safe, throw me in the lion's pit. Zynga has acquired--ahem--hired former Yahoo mergers and acquisitions head Taylor Barada for an unknown role, All Things Digital reports.

While at Yahoo, who just recently hired him, Barada guided the company along as it snapped up Citizen Sports, a fantasy sports company, and sold off Zimbra, a business-class software developer, to VMWare. While this is just another hire, it could fuel Zynga's already insatiable crave for more, or teach it some restraint and cut some fat, so to speak. Either way, Zynga's imperial strategy could change drastically with Barada at the helm, which could mean more or fewer releases from the company in the future. We've contacted Zynga for comment, stay tuned.

[Image Credit: All Things Digital]

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