Who Wants to Be a Millionaire now on Facebook: Compete with others for virtual riches

While the Who Wants to be a Millionaire TV Show may have fallen out of the primetime limelight years ago, that hasn't stopped Ludia and Disney-ABC Domestic Television from launching a game based on the television show on Facebook. The Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Facebook game is a multiplayer experience that is comparable to the likes of the Price is Right Facebook game (also from Ludia), in that you'll be placed into a room with a group of other players, with everyone working to answer questions correctly. Only here, instead of guessing how much a prize package is worth, you'll simply be answering multiple choice questions.

Your gameplay time is limited to "shows," and you'll need tickets to access more shows after your three free tickets run out. Simply coming back to play the game each day to receive more and jump back into the show. Each game is setup in a series of two rounds. The first round is a free for all, consisting of a series of questions from all manner of categories ranging from travel and geography, to science, math, and all areas of pop culture.If you answer a question incorrectly, you aren't penalized, but you also won't earn any additional money to your overall bank. Each question is worth a different dollar amount, and your total prize money positions you on a leaderboard of all players in your room for that particular game. Once this first set of questions is complete, the top three players then go onto Round 2, where you'll compete for the top prize of 1 million (virtual) dollars.

In Round 2, wrong answers end the game, just as they would on the actual show, and you'll leave with $25,000. You can walk away at any time, or you can use a lifeline like "Ask the Audience" in order to help you out. Lifelines exist in the game's first round as well, but you'll have to bring in friends that also play the game to act as those lifelines (which also include an option to skip a particularly difficult question altogether). This luckily is a case where just having friends that play the game counts for "bringing them in." They don't have to actively be playing the game at the time to serve as your lifeline.

As you complete games, your prize money will accumulate as experience points towards your overall level. You'll start at level 0, and when you level up, you earn prizes like extra show tickets, so that you can continue playing for longer stretches of time. In between games, you'll also be able to track your progress with your entire friends list via the "Your Team" leaderboard, which shows your high score for a single game.

Overall, being that this is mostly a multiplayer experience, there's definitely a feeling of pressure when you see yourself climbing the leaderboard in Round 1. You don't want to miss a question, giving someone a chance to pass you, and I can honestly say that seeing myself in the number one position on my very first game gave me a real sense of social gaming pride. If you've liked Ludia's other titles on Facebook, why not test your skills on these trivia questions as well?

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