Students Trade Stuff Online to Save

College students trade CDs, clothing and textbooks with each other all the time. The only thing cheaper than buying something used is trading and, with steep tuition costs, cheap is the only way to go for many students.

Now, it's becoming more common for students and savvy shoppers to trade online in order to broaden their swapping horizon to outside of the dorms. Those with some serious bargaining on the mind should consider exchanging through one of the following Mobile:
Last week, launched it's own iPhone app. Items on it fall into one of two categories: "want" and "have." Those who have extra junk in their closets can use the free app to see what they can receive from another user for it. Shoppers looking to save some dough at the store can scan a bar code into the application before hitting the checkout line to see if another user has the item that they want. They can then swap something from home to obtain it. Common trades include books, CDs, DVDs and video games.

Book Mooch:
Book Mooch works like a library except that users can keep the books indefinitely. Simply log onto the site, sign up and start mooching. The only rule is that users must give at least one book away for every two books that they take. The website works on a point system and donors receive extra points for sending books out of the country. Those who want to snag a book, but lack points, can add the title to a wish list and receive it as soon as they have earned enough points and the book is available.

This website takes the word "neighborly" to a new level. Enter the desired item, the date that it's needed by and hit "request." NeighBorrow will respond to requests within 24 hours if it can locate the desired item. Use Twitter to speed up the process by tweeting a request such as "@neighborrow need #shovel." Trade items with anyone from actual neighbors to users around the world. If trading isn't your thing, this site also makes it possible to sell, buy, lend and borrow.

Swap Style:
Students with maxed out credit cards can still shop by swapping on The site is ideal for women who are after designer labels, but are already up to their ears in student loans. Upload a description and photo of your swappable item onto the site to see what offers you receive. If you'd rather window shop first, browse already featured items and contact owners with proposed trades.

Couch Surfing:
Save cash on travel by crashing on couches. Use to find a spot to stay in over 230 different countries. Go to the website, type in a desired location and number of guests and browse through a variety of house host options. Remember to stick with friends whenever possible and pack pepper spray because you never know exactly where you'll end up crashing.
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