Shill on a Shingle: Billboards Finally Hit Houses


Want help paying your mortgage, and don't care what your neighbors think? Mobile advertising agency Adzookie wants to turn your house into a billboard advertising its services. In exchange, the company will pay your mortgage for as long as the custom paint job remains in place, for up to a year.

Since the program was announced on Adzookie's website on Tuesday, the California-based company has already gotten more than 4,000 applications. CEO Romeo Mendoza told the Wall Street Journal that responses are "coming in droves. We hit a nerve... I knew people needed help, but I didn't know so many."

Here's the deal: First you need to own your residence. No renters, please. The company will paint its logo on your house (a process that takes 3 to 5 days), where it has to stay for a minimum of three months. If, after three months, you -- or your neighbors -- can't abide the paint scheme, they'll repaint. If you don't mind living inside an advertisement, the arrangement can stay in place for up to a year.

Is it worth it to have your mortgage covered? Let us know what you think.