Radio Host Gets Fired for Bragging About Sleeping with Interns [Video]

Sleeping with Interns What was Boston's popular, conservative talk radio host Jay Severin expecting when he bragged -- on the air -- about sleeping with his interns? A medal perhaps? It comes as no surprise that his just under $1 million annual contract was promptly canceled by Boston talker WTKK after he divulged his own indiscretions while discussing a former intern's lawsuit against American Apparel's Dov Charney.

He was unabashed in his admissions, according to Business Insider, which posted the following quotes from Severin's mid-afternoon talk show earlier this week:

"We'd have drinks together at the end of the day and we'd spend the night together. I should feel badly about that?"

"Those girls that got to sleep with me got to know their boss better, they got to go on trips, they got to travel in some cases to various parts of the world, to see things and meet people that they never would have seen or done ... These were not whores. These were Ivy League graduates, young women or interns from Ivy League institutions who were interested in politics and government."

It could be that Severin thought a degree of self-deprecation might temper these admissions. He noted he was not an attractive man, and was well aware that the relationships wouldn't have been possible for him if he hadn't been in power. That only served to inflame thoughtful listeners more -- perhaps that was the objective.

Whatever the objective, Greater Media, the parent company of WTKK, was swift to cut all ties. Severin was suspended after he made his comments on the show on Tuesday, and early Thursday morning the company issued a statement saying it had "ended its relationship with Jay Severin," and that "it had become clear at several points in the past two years that Jay was either unwilling or unable to maintain our standards on the air."

Severin had been called on the carpet in 2009 for referring to Mexican immigrants as "primitives," "leeches," and worse -- labels that are not profane, but inappropriate for publication. Here's a video of Severin apologizing for the comment he made in regard to those immigrants.

In Boston, at least, shock jocks do have their limits.

Watch: Severin apologizes for remarks he made in 2009

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