How Many Firefighters Does it Take to Rescue a Cat?

Firefighters Must have been a slow day at the firehouse -- and all the other firehouses in a 30 mile radius. Earlier this week, one little kitty stuck on a roof in Leiston, Suffolk, England was helped from a roof by an entire brigade: 25 fireman and five engines.

According to Mail Online, that cost British tax payers nearly 1,500 GBP, or about 2,450 U.S. dollars. The cat was stuck on the 40 foot roof of a two story house, and apparently that height required specialized turntable ladder crews. Five of those crews heeded the call, which came in at about 9:45 am. Even the union is calling the response "overkill."

Curiously enough, it wasn't even that cat's owner that reported the situation. A woman heard the cat crying from above in her neighborhood, became concerned, and sounded the alarm. The brown and gray tabby was reported to be fine after the rescue, and quickly ran off. The cat's owner remains anonymous, and will likely continue to do so, in an effort to avoid the scrutiny of angry tax payers and foolish-looking firefighters.

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