GameStop goes social shopping with new Facebook retail store

GameStop loves its money
GameStop loves its money

While they've yet to get into the social games biz, GameStop just took one massive baby step in that direction with its very own Facebook shop, VentureBeat reports. At the moment, the store doesn't sell digital copies of its games, but will mail ordered copies for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and all other current platforms.

The online shop was made thanks to Adgregate, a social commerce distribution developer. Obviously, this a direct response to the wild success of digital distribution platforms like Steam for PC and Mac and Amazon for, well, everything. Most importantly, this move could do far more for social gamers than simply inspire more to buy online.

If successful, this venture to lead to future GameStop endeavors on Facebook, namely in Facebook gaming. Last year, the company bought out Kongregate, a casual games platform, to compete in the online casual gaming space. With so much money at stake in social games, it would be stupid for GameStop to stop now with its foot in the door. And here we all thought it would come down to Zynga versus the Google/Apple/Microsoft triumvirate.

If you want to check out the GameStop Facebook shop for yourself, click here.

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