FrontierVille Boosts upgraded to packs of 25; still cost Horseshoes

If you're a fan of the Boosts system in FrontierVille, that allows you to instantly make your animals ready to feed, speeds up crop growth, or simply "unwithers" some crops that you forgot about for a few days, you'll be happy to know that Zynga has unleashed a series of super Boosts into the game for all things from Wither Protection and Fast Hands to Chicken, Cotton, and Wheat Ready Boosts and beyond.

These new Boosts are available to purchase either in the game's store (under the Special tab) or in the upgraded General Store, where you can purchase all Boosts. All of these new Boosts come in packs of 25, but they all cost Horseshoes, so you'll want to take a second to make sure you're positive about the purchase before actually going through with the splurge. You can still buy packs of 5 Boosts from the General Store, if you simply don't need 25 Boosts, or don't want to pay a price tag that can reach 40-50 Horseshoes per purchase.

All told, this doesn't really add much to the game that we haven't already seen before, but if you're looking for a way to stock up on a specific kind of Boost in less transactions than before, you now have the opportunity to do so. Personally? I'll stick to the waiting game, and save my Horseshoes for other things.

Will you buy any of these super Boost packs for your Homestead? Let us know in the comments.