FarmVille LE English Countryside Decorations: Red Phone Booth, Cricket Gnome & More

As part of tonight's FarmVille update, we've seen the release of five new decorative items in the current English Countryside limited edition item theme. All five of these items are available to purchase for either your Home Farm or your second farm in the English Countryside, but remember, if you'd like to have one of these items on each of your farms, you'll need to buy them twice.

Interestingly, only one of these five items is priced for Farm Cash - that being the Cricket Gnome. It's not unusual to see Gnomes priced for Farm Cash (in fact, it would be unusual if one were available for coins), so you can expect to add the Cricket Gnome to your collection for 15 Farm Cash. You'll gain 1500 experience points for purchasing this cute little fella, which should make a nice addition to your collection, no matter which farm you place him on.

Meet us behind the break for a look at the other four decorations released this evening.
For the other four decorations, you'll need to be willing to spend anywhere from 2,000 to 150,000 coins to add these items to your farm. Starting with the least expensive item, we have the fourth installment in the "Spring Flowerbed" series - the Spring Flowerbed IV item which is available for 2,000 coins. A Jumping Fence (like that found in Equestrian activities) costs 8,000 coins each, while a Red Phone Booth goes for 50,000 coins. Finally, the most expensive of the four is the Cricket Garden, at the aforementioned 150,000 coin price tag.

It's worth noting that while the Cricket Garden is a fairly pricey item, it isn't very large, taking up an area no larger than a single plot of land. Keep that in mind when you go to shell out that many coins - it's not as visually impressive of an item as you might expect, as you can see from the store's preview image below.

Regardless of the item(s) you choose to purchase, you'll need to do so within the next two weeks, before they expire from the store.

Which of these decorations are you most excited about adding to your farm? Let us know in the comments.
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