Former EA, LucasArts folks form social game studio, November Software

The above trailer for November Software's first game, Inemeri: A Familiar World, is a pretty accurate display of what this brand new social game studio is all about. reports that the San Francisco-based studio was formed by ex-LucasArts and EA Tiburon developers, and it intends to bring hardcore visuals to casual, social gameplay. "We are gamers and we want to take what we know and love about next-gen games: the deep immersion, high-fidelity atmosphere, multi-layered skill based mechanics, and bring them into the casual social gaming world," co-founder Szymon Swistun said to

Its first game will be playable on the web and iOS platforms, so you can almost guess what tech is being used (cough, Unity Engine, cough). Though, that's purely speculation at this point. November Software is expected to launch an closed beta of Inemeri this summer, and you can sign up right here.

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